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Emulsion shock caps from Agama for the full line of buggies and trucks,

The new emulsion shock caps and seals allow for the use of emulsion-style shocks. Well suited to tracks with big jumps and heavy landings, in addition to tracks with looser surfaces.

Thoroughly tested for over 6 months on various track types and surfaces, including the 2017 Euro A's and used on the Junior Euro B winning buggy !

Allowing you to run the cap in 3 different styles: 

Non-Vented: Bladder shock (using stock 0003 bladder) and screw included and tight 

Vented: Bladder shock (using stock 0003 bladder) and no screw with open bleed hole 

Emulsion: O-ring seal used with screw and gasket to offer emulsion shock setup

Includes all items required to build emulsion shocks, retain standard 0003 bladders for normal shock build. 

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