B5M | T5M | SC5M Battery Hold Down Thumb Wheel Black
Brands: JConcepts
Product Code: JCO2488-2
Availability: 2


Securely holding down the battery brace is crucial to the daily activity at any racing or practice circuit. Quickly performing routine maintenance or battery changes is now easier and more secure than ever with the introduction of the JConcepts thumb wheel.  Starting with an alignment friendly cone shape that eases the wheel into position, it has a larger flange which perfectly matches the proportions of the battery brace.  The low-profile shape fits nicely under the latest bodies on the market and the grippy surface allows a user hand-tighten with ease. The wheel is finished off with a closed-end design which features an etched JC logo for authenticity and brand loyalty.


  • JConcepts styling and function
  • Closed-end design, anodized aluminum with etched logo
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Convenient low-profile design
  • Aesthetic eye-candy

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