E2267 Spur Gear 45T (HTD)
Brands: Mugen Seiki
Product Code: MUGE2267
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E2267 Spur Gear 45T (HTD)

This is an option Mugen Seiki 45 Tooth Spur Gear for use with the HTD (High Traction Diff) Center Differential. This allows you to fine tune your gearing for different track conditions. The HTD Center Diff (MUGE2245) comes standard with this 46-tooth spur gear, but other optional spur gears are available: • MUGE2234: Spur Gear 44T (HTD) • MUGE2235: Spur Gear 46T (HTD) • MUGE2236: Spur Gear 48T (HTD) • MUGE2237: Spur Gear 45T (HTD)

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