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Finnisher - Tekno EB48 body S1 - Tekno EB48 Body
Finnisher - Tekno EB48 body S1 - Tekno EB48 Body

JConcepts hit the ground in Vaasa, Finland with an all new body design specifically for the IFMAR World Championships. Cleverly named, Finnisher, the unique design quickly rose to the top of the field during competition and proved effective on...

One of the most recognizable items in the pits and race track has to be the body shell. The Silencer, with proven success in performance and style has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the popular, Tekno EB48.3. The Silencer, has...






Striker - RC8B3 Body
Striker - RC8B3 Body
To deliver a quick attack, look no further than the Striker body for the RC8B3. The hottest new 1/8th buggy has captured the market with performance and reliability deserves an equally striking body. The Striker body samples elements from its...