Pro Amps 5200MAH-14.8V-4S-60C-ROAR-APPROVED-LIPO Hi Voltage
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Pro Amps Hi Voltage 4S Roar approved Lipo, comes with a Deans connector installed on the Battery end.


The best of the best with only Grade A cells used!


Information for the Pro Amps Lipos we state the Continuous current discharge being at 60C the cells are Actually 65C continuous but we always under rate What everyone else does is market the Burst current which is a nano sec burst of current not continuous. Our Burst current is 130C so i hope this information can help the users .

The continuous current ,the internal resistance and the Grade of the cell is whats important.Our cells can also be charged to the High Voltage specification of 4.35v a cell



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Pro Amps 5200MAH-14.8V-4S-60C-ROAR-APPROVED-LIPO Hi Voltage

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