Pro Amps BLS358
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Pro Amps BLS358 1/8 Truggy/Monster 1/5 Big TQ Two year Warranty against defects in workmanship and material

A fact these servos are used in millitary batwing jet powered drones, and work to 230F and as low as -22F

Control System Positive PWM 1520us/333Hz ,900us-2100us
Operating Voltage Range 4.8V ~ 8.4V
Operating Temperature Range -20C° ~ +90C° (-4°F ~ 194°F)
Test Voltage: 4.8v-8.4v
Stall Torque :@ DC: 4.8V 21 kg/cm ,291.62 oz/in
Stall Torque :@ DC: 6.0V-6.6V 35 kg/cm ,486.06 oz/in
Stall Torque :@ DC: 7.4V-8.4V 50 kg/cm ,694.37 oz/in
Speed:@ DC: 4.8V 0.14sec / 60 deg @ no load
Speed:@ DC: 6.0V-6.6V 0.12sec / 60 deg @ no load
Speed:@ DC: 7.4v-8.4V 0.10sec / 60 deg @ no load
Idle Current 0.200A @ idle
Running Current 0.330A no load
Stall Current 0.920A-1.5A
Dead band width 2 u/sec
Operational Travel 45°/ one side pulse travel 600 u/sec
Direction Re-clock wise/ Pulse Travel 900u-2100 u/sec
Potentiometer Type 4 Slider/indirect drive
Amplifier Type 7A Triple Power MOS-FET
Dimensions 40.5 x 21.0 x 38.0 (1.59 x 0.82 x 1.49 inch)
Weight: 70G / 2.47oz without splined horn
Ball Bearing Dual / M10x6
Gear Material Heat treated hardened steel
Horn Gear Spline Metal 25 Tooth (External diameter: 5.9mm)
Connector Wire Length 200mm (9.85inch)
Case material & structure Aluminum cnc
Connector Wire Strand Counter 60EA
Connector Wire Gauge 22AWG
Wire Info (Black) - Negative
Wire Info (Red) + Positive
Wire Info (White) S Single


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Pro Amps BLS358

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