TKR5251 – Aluminum Servo Horn (23t spline)
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TKR5251 – Aluminum Servo Horn (23t spline)

For: Airtronics, JR, KO Servos

The Tekno RC Aluminum Servo Horns were designed to minimize forces transmitted back to the servo spline.  It utilizes a bottom mount design that, as opposed to a top mount, lowers the leverage point.  This means your servos will be protected better to keep you in the race.  A locking screw is included for added security.  Use TKR1325 (M3x14mm flathead screw) for mounting the steering linkage.  Use thread locking compound on all metal-to-metal connections.

These were designed specifically for the Tekno RC line of vehicles, but they can be used in most other applications as well.

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TKR5251 – Aluminum Servo Horn (23t spline)

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