Tekno EB/NB48 to EB/NB48.3 Basic upgrade kit
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This is a EB/NB48 basic upgrade kit to get the suspenision geometry of the .3. You use your rear shocks on the front, and the shock bodies and shafts included in this kit on the rear.

 If you purchase option front spindles and caster blocks you must purchase TKRBB08165 if you dont have any.

Black front and Rear Orange springs suggested. But others will work.


Whats included  

1x TKR5491 – Sway Bar (rear, 2.4mm, ET48, NT48)

1x TKR5286 – Suspension Arms (front, EB/NB48.3)

1x TKR5184 – Suspension Arms (rear, EB/NB48.3

1x  TKR5268–Shock Tower (front,7075 CNC,gun metal anodized,EBNB48.3

1x TKR5269–Shock Tower(rear, 7075 CNC,gun metal anodized, EB/NB48.3

1x TKR5199 – Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)

1x TKR6159 – Shock Pistons (CNC, flat/tapered, 4×1.8, 10.2mm2)

1x TKR6060 – Shock Body (rear, x-long, aluminum, hard anodized, 2pc

1x TKR6061 – Shock Shafts (rear, x-long, steel, 2pcs)

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Tekno EB/NB48 to EB/NB48.3 Basic upgrade kit

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