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XERUN XR8 PLUS is another new competition ESC HOBBYWING specially develops on the basis of constant research..., technical analysis and performance comparisons, for 1/8th scale professional race cars.

The XERUN series ESCs have always been welcomed by the market, the sales volumes and users’ feedback have already proved this. XR8 PLUS not only continued the outstanding quality & excellent throttle response of XERUN series ESCs but also adopted some cutting-edge technologies in the brushless power system field. With the integration of new technologies into product’s design and manufacture, XR8 PLUS is realizing the breakthrough desired by the high-level racers.

XR8 PLUS featured by the following elements:

1) High reliability & durability;

2) Great power output;

3) Super built-in BEC with the peak output current of up to 15A and switchable output voltage of 6V/7.2V;

4) Advanced electronic switch with the lifespan of over 50000 times of switching on & off;

5) High-efficiency heat-dissipating system;

6) Special dynamic timing control program is available when this ESC runs in full-sensored mode* ;

7) Innovative coasting function;

8) Almost maintenance-free.

*The full-sensored running mode can only be realized when pairing this ESC with the 1/8th scale new sensored brushless motor HOBBYWING is going to release.

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